22 Animals Who Have the Most Magnificent Hair We’ve Ever Seen

Some of us may be blessed with full set of hair. For others, we have to dream or get hair transplants, but in the meantime, we can enjoy these animals that have almost too much hair. Just take a look, it is pretty amazing.

1. Fluffy Cowfunny-hairy-animals-33__880

2. Angora Rabbitfunny-hairy-animals-311__880

3. Long-Haired Guinea PigXX-Animals-That-Need-To-Get-A-Haircut-Real-Bad16__880

4. Gypsy Vanner Horsehairy-animals-10101__700

5. Siberian Catsfunny-hairy-animals-43


6. Mary River Turtle With Its Punk Algae Manetumblr_mhaa84tdGN1qzamioo4_1280__880

7. Polish Buff Laced ChickenXX-Animals-That-Need-To-Get-A-Haircut-Real-Bad25__880funny-hairy-animals-5

8. Mini Highland CowXX-Animals-That-Need-To-Get-A-Haircut-Real-Bad15__880funny-hairy-animals-9

9. Hairy CaterpillarHairy Caterpillar - Haarige Schmetterlingsraupe

10. Samoyedfunny-hairy-animals-40__700

11. Komondor “Mop” DogAPTOPIX Germany Dog Show

12.  Afghan HoundXX-Animals-That-Need-To-Get-A-Haircut-Real-Bad3__700

13. White Silkie (bantam) Henfunny-hairy-animals-39__880funny-hairy-animals-36__880

14. Spotted Apatelodes CaterpillarXX-Animals-That-Need-To-Get-A-Haircut-Real-Bad6__880

15. Duster BudgieXX-Animals-That-Need-To-Get-A-Haircut-Real-Bad__700

16. Valais SheepValais-Blacknose5__700


18. Fluffy Hamster Eating A Brocollifunny-hairy-animals-30__700

19. Norwegian Forest Cat (Timor)528632_319962864730472_835663896_n__880

20. Major Mitchell’s CockatooMG_4761m__700

21. Pomeranianphoto-32__880

22. The Hipster Alpacaphoto2__880

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Source: Pulptastic

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