These Guys Created These Tiny Ornaments To Decorate Your Beard for the Holiday

Beards have become trendy recently, so it was only a matter of time before someone came out with fashion product specifically for beards. But when someone made these ornaments called Beard Baubles, I was a bit shocked.

Beard Baubles were created by the creative agency ‘Grey London,’ owned by designers Mike Kennedy and Paulin Ashford. beard-baubles-christmas-decoration-11

They have become really popular that they have sold out of outbeard-baubles-christmas-decoration-22

The great thing is that they’re donating all proceeds to an Australian charity called Beard Season. beard-baubles-christmas-decoration-33

These are quite unique. Imagine seeing someone walk into the room with this on his or her’s beard.beard-baubles-christmas-decoration-44


These are too awesome. Share this awesome product with your friends and family.

Would you ever wear this (provided you had a beard)?

Source: Pulptastic

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