No, It’s Not A Homeless Woman Rolling Around On The Floor. Just Wait Til She’s Done… WOAH!

To be a true artist means to be truly entrenched into what create from the process to the medium of it. For Heater Hansen, this is truly the case. To create her artwork, she uses all her body parts to spread charcoal around the canvas. The process of painting on the canvas is as much art as the canvas. Take a look at her process and what she is able to create.

She uses her own body as a brush on a giant canvas. 1-OeIZRRo

She users all her limbs to smear charcoal in beautiful, symmetrical patterns. 2-N44OlTd

Her using her limbs is part of the art. 3-1CDBHzP

The process is almost more beautiful than the result itself. 4-Xdo1Hk3

Heather connects to her artwork unlike any other artists She almost enters a trance and doesn’t notice the audience. 5-9BUy4lf

The audience becomes as entrenched as she is in her art. 6-Oe3t2mG

It’s a beautiful unison of her mind and body onto the canvas. 7-x1f7hbD

This is a collection of what she has done at her latest show.

Wow that was simply breathtaking.

Source: Heather Hanson

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