20 Unbelievably Giant Animals… #14 Will Leave You Shocked

A few of these animals make me gag and scare me to death. You would never want to see these animals in the jungle. You would think that these animals would only exist in your nightmares, but these are actually living on our planet. Just take a look to see what I mean.

1. Giant African Land Snails 355a3614-be4b-4906-86dd-aa5d5997710e

2.  Trigger the Friesian: 6’5″ and over one ton.b491b2df-35bc-4386-aca7-4e575e6b3e8d

3. Giant Freshwater Stingray: Can grow to 6’2″ and weigh up to 1,300 pounds (600 kilos). 113c19cf-c27a-4a62-9cbb-4f7a4bc6c580

4. African Goliath Frog: It eats small birds.b8c100e3-eff1-49b7-9fab-499f6ecb4b2c

5. Giant Gippsland Earthworm50e047e2-552d-4177-bd05-a13dbebeb521

6.  Japanese Spider Crab: Grows up to 12 feet (3.8 meters) and 42 pounds (19 kilos)b00ea101-9c7e-4c59-a9d3-e64835b24f3f

7.  George, the Largest Dog in the World25aba726-211d-4b8d-8568-69c1c5de0ef0

8. 1984 pounds (900 kilos) pig from China4693396c-a1e8-4abe-b1b9-4fb42dd7a360

9.  Coconut Crab4e2ebef6-3865-47fc-ad8d-861192444493

10. Amazonian Giant Centipede: Grows up to 30 centimeters (12 inches)8a4c454d-d623-4dc0-abe8-54479de3decc

11.  The Flemish Giant 13ea0e51-ee42-41b2-9f07-951826ae4d69

12.  Macroptychaster Sea Star: Grows up to 2 feet and found in the Antarctic waters25a0087e-3d12-4a49-b3e5-6cf92b1a9e4b

13.  Nomura’s Jellyfish8143da80-0e4d-4c0a-afdb-d2230146da39

14. Chinese Giant Salamander08337a64-1e4d-475d-a54d-016e3959c298

15.  Attacus Atlas36191e85-2ca4-4ea0-af10-dc59f1a8fad9

16. Bismarck Flying Fox03754705-c85a-400b-afe6-5296d614cce8

17.  World’s Longest Anacondac57070a0-04d6-4c96-858f-bc6f179f73ec

18. Rupert the Cate18be512-7fde-4e93-9469-9c92502a6c32

19. Goliath Taruntula c305e35d-bd36-45f0-83aa-4f10d362923c

20.  Brutus, the 5.5 meter crocodile508f5cf9-fbc9-43fb-b714-73d3176789c9

Wow, I would not be that calm near that crocodile. Please share this giant animals with your friends and family.

Source: Diply

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