Marua, The Shiba-Inu That Does Everything With A Smile.. You Can’t Help But Smile Too.

Meet Marua, the smiliest Shiba-Inu from Japan.  This photogenic 7-year old Shiba is probably the happiest dog on the planet! He does everything with a smile, which is why his owners enjoy photographing him. They even created a Facebook page for Marua for everyone to se. Go check it out or you can enjoy some of the pictures below. I guarantee that he will turn your frown upside down!

happy-dog-maru-shiba-inu-4 happy-dog-maru-shiba-inu-6 happy-dog-maru-shiba-inu-7 happy-dog-maru-shiba-inu-8 happy-dog-maru-shiba-inu-11 happy-dog-maru-shiba-inu-13 happy-dog-maru-shiba-inu-15 happy-dog-maru-shiba-inu-18 happy-dog-maru-shiba-inu-23 happy-dog-maru-shiba-inu-26 happy-dog-maru-shiba-inu-31 happy-dog-maru-shiba-inu-32 happy-dog-maru-shiba-inu-33 happy-dog-maru-shiba-inu-34 happy-dog-maru-shiba-inu-35 happy-dog-maru-shiba-inu-37 happy-dog-maru-shiba-inu-39

Source: BoredPanda

Like and share if you know anyone that is having a bad day. He will definitely make them smile! Doesn’t this make you want to go get a Shiba Inu  now? How can one resist that smile?! How??

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