This Is The Last Thing He Expected To Find in the Middle of the Street. But You Have To See What Happened.

When Reddit user powerbookguy was driving home the other day, the last thing he expect to find was a group of ducklings in the middle of the road scurrying around the dead momma duck.

He called his wife to tell her that he was bringing home seven ducklings. What happens next is amazing.

He quickly pulled over to get the ducklings off the road. The ducks huddled up by a closed garage for warmth.  1-KTu3XyO

He discovered he didn’t have anything in his card to transport the ducks, but a nice employee from the nearby golf course gave him a box. The ducklings continued to cuddle. 2-KkvUDSC

Once he got home, his wife and four daughters decided to make a temporary home out of a storage bin and a towel on the bottom. 3-3tqNXNH

However, the ducklings were able to easily jump out of the box, so the daughters had an innovative way to block them from hopping out. 4-gIWiMCg

He found a better way to contain the ducks in the corner garage and was able to add a heat lamp. 5-CjdkxTy

The ducks liked the new space, drank and sat in the water bowl, and ate the food the friendly neighbor bought next doors. 6-cWBt9et

They survived the night, and the family were able to find a home for these ducklings the next day. 7-m4lWGMI

The daughters started crying due to how attached they became the ducklings. They even named after the 7 dwarfs.

Source: Reddit

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