17 Insanely Clever Products Every Booze Lover Should Own

These are 17 gifts to get any of your booze loving friends, or maybe, to get for yourself. Well, booze probably be better, but these 17 products will make your alcohol drinking experience better. Take a look.

1. Stadium Flask Seatenhanced-3842-1404842355-5

2. Beer Can Handleenhanced-buzz-9861-1404842772-17

3.  Sunscreen Flaskenhanced-9975-1404843691-11

4. Hairbrush Flaskenhanced-buzz-12759-1404842504-13

5. Lawn Drink Holderenhanced-11199-1404842989-9

6. One Hand Beer Openerenhanced-buzz-19644-1404842859-4

7. Combination Bottle Lockenhanced-25229-1404841535-10

8. Bicycle Wine Rackenhanced-buzz-24544-1404842195-8

9. Magnetic Beer Coziesenhanced-buzz-3534-1404843476-18

10. Chill-Maintaining Wine Glassesenhanced-buzz-29155-1404843068-9

11. Phone Case Openerenhanced-buzz-3689-1404841796-37

12. Glow in the Dark Cupsenhanced-3072-1404843777-26_opt

13. Wine Sippy Cupenhanced-28044-1404841693-6_opt

14. Drink Cooling Pool Loungeenhanced-buzz-3903-1404843194-8

15. Remote Controlled Rolling Coolerenhanced-buzz-5871-1404843243-17

16. Bracelet Flaskenhanced-11794-1404842078-2

17. Full Bottle Wineglass enhanced-buzz-9823-1404842273-6

These are so awesome. It’s the weekend, so why not?

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Source: Buzzfeed

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