This Man Saw A Duck Trapped Below Ice… What He Did Next is Amazing

Would you ever jump into a frozen laker? Would you do it for a million dollars, but what about for a duck. This man from Norway did just that.

A Norwegian man saw a duck trapped below ice in a lake. The duck was barely moving. The duck probably dove down for food but when he returned up, he lost the hole in the ice. 1 - WqeQ0Yx

He knew the duck needed help pronto. So he took off all his clothes…2 - ya8zSpW

And dove into the freezing water, essentially risking his own life to save this duck. 3 - cI12QNy

He wrapped the duck in a towel and slowly nursed it back to health. lifebuzz-ac6cf7815296b7125e9f2609f4cf60d8-limit_2000

The duck slowly recovered back to full health. lifebuzz-f91509d2c7e6f86a88df69ea8a3b5680-limit_2000

And it was all thanks to this guy.4 - lyC9alh

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Source: Imgur

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