When These College Kids Got Ahold of a School Bus, You’ll Never Imagine the Awesomeness They Transformed It Into

This group of college seniors decided to do one last hurrah before the start of the real world. What they do is amazing and is something that I hoped to do. Take a look at what they did. It will make you jealous.

They decided to build a party bus and take a road trip for their senior trip in college. They found an old used bus online and bought it… this beauty is a 1992 Blue Bird.01 - We decided to build a party bus and take a road trip for our senior trip in college

…with enough room for you and 65 of your friends02 - fauVDbI

They draw up some plans… this is their general layout they picked from about 10 different ideas.03 - uT7AboT

This is an example of the over-engineering they did.04 - C41290z

They had the seats removed and attached a sub floor.05 - wCzTCha

This is when they assembled couch frames and bar frame.06 - yGFDlOT

There is barely enough room for one beer.07 - m4Sz1rF

Every party bus needs music (smaller amp powers 4 6×9 speakers).08 - GH8xPjK

This is them assembling the front couches after the wood has been stained and painted. The ladder goes through the emergency escape to get up to the deck.09 - 65NHfPK

These are custom built couches made from 5 inch high density foam.10 - A8v0GBV

The rear couches surround the back. The table folds flat and the seatbacks fit on top to create a queen sized bed. Seat bottoms come off to reveal storage space underneath.11 - 2h6vkvw

Step over the wheel well into the “living room” and you’ll find the entertainment center (not sure why the TV is laying flat). You can see the liquor cabinet on the far right.12 - RN9Rcxn

There is even a deck on top of the bus. 13 - PvtP5AZ

This is the deck complete. Railings are removable and fold down so you can drive.14 - SUFw6dL

This is the first coat of paint being applied. Deck railings are also painted on the ground.15 - mo9T2RF

That’s one of the guys painting with the paint gun.16 - kdGf2a4

The interior was also painted. Most panels were removed and painted outside; the rest got taped and sprayed inside.17 - WqJ7Oz8

They added a generator so we have extra power! (the stereo and small inverter maxed out the alternator). This mostly powered the AC unit if needed.18 - fIgCM6l

This is the school bus with a finished paint job. You can see the RV AC unit we fitted into the roof.19 - CdsrSxo

That’s Dave… he’s showing off the painted interior and drivers seat removed from a crashed 2004 Chevy Silverado. Nice and comfy for those long rides.20 - CWx5Rqt

This is a more complete view of the front area. You can see the stereo, couches, carpet and propane cook-stove. (we needed this to register it as an RV). Propane tank gets mounted below.21 - F3R4JC4

This is after a few of them passed out on the road trip. 22 - HUGhBHv

This is some of them in East Lansing for a Michigan State vs Michigan tailgate. This gives you a good idea of what the deck looks like in use.23 - TYL25df

Lastly, here she is parked along the Atlantic Ocean in its glory. 24 - ChCG5HW

This is trip is so epic! I’m so jealous; I want to experience something like.

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Source: Imgur

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