This Elephant was Rescued From 50 Years of Being in Chains and Abused, You’ll Never Expect His Reaction

A elephant named Raju was held in chains, beaten, and abused for over 50 years in the Uttar Pradesh area of India. To survive, he would sometimes eat plastic, paper or any handouts from passing locals.

But after years of torture and captivity, the elephant was rescued by the London-based charity Wildlife SOS in a daring midnight rescue. When he was finally freed from his spiked shackles, this elephant reacted in the best way.

This is Raju who was chained in spiked shackles and had to survive in the worst conditions. enhanced-buzz-wide-29773-1404729493-9

He was held captive by a local farmer in spiked shackles until he was rescued by a charity in a late night operation. enhanced-buzz-wide-6634-1404729491-7

When he was released, Raju cried tears of joy. enhanced-buzz-wide-28544-1404729491-13

Here is a picture of Raju just before the rescue. enhanced-buzz-wide-4111-1404729982-9

Just look at those eyes. You could see the years of suffering. Elephants have the emotion capacity to feel sadness. enhanced-buzz-wide-12423-1404736506-19

The team was just as astounded to see the tears, as the charity spokeswomen said, ““It was so incredibly emotional for all of us. We knew in our hearts he realized he was being freed.”enhanced-buzz-wide-29613-1404729495-7

The rescue team was worried that Raju’s owner would flee. He even tried to prevent the rescue by yelling commands that Raju associated with pain and punishment to prevent the rescue. enhanced-buzz-wide-29668-1404729496-7

But the rescue team stood their ground and eventually freed Raju and that was when Raju starte dcrying. enhanced-buzz-wide-26624-1404729499-18

Here is picture of what the shackle looked like. I can’t believe he had this on for 50 years. grid-cell-14891-1404738013-6

Raju was taken to an elephant sanctuary where he will be provided with ample space and food, as well an adoptive elephant family. grid-cell-14891-1404738012-3

Wow, that was an amazing story. This elephant was finally able to enjoy freedom, but there is still plenty of elephants like Raju that is shackled up.

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Source: Wildlife SOS



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