They Call this the ‘Zoo of Death.’ And It Needs to be Shut Down NOW.

WARNING: The following post about animal cruelty may disturb you.

You thought Sea World was bad. There exists a zoo in Indonesia called the Surabaya Zoo that should be renamed to the “Zoo of Death.” The zoo mistreats animal so terribly that death is a better option than surviving in the zoo. The animals lack basic care, nutrition, and food. You may think I’m exaggerating but once you see the picture you will under why.

I must warn you again that the pictures you’re about to see may be traumatizing.

Approximately 25 animals DIE a month from lacking basic nutrition and care.

The animals often starve to death, especially the carnivores. They often resort to cannibalism. nightmare-zoo2

They have been starved for so long that even when they eat, their body are unable to absorb the nutrition properly. nightmare-zoo3

They’re often stuck in tiny cages where they rot away. nightmare-zoo4

This giraffe, Kliwon, was found dead with a 40 pound plastic ball

So what happened to the animals that didn’t starve to death. nightmare-zoo6

They’re typically euthanized due to other issues caused by unnatural living conditions and lack of nutrition. nightmare-zoo7

Just one look of one animal can tell you the treatment of these animals. This bear’s eyes tell everything. nightmare-zoo8

This zoo shouldn’t even exist and owners should be punished.

However, it seems that there is something behind these starving animals and how this zoo stays in business.

It is rumored that the zoo sell of valuable body parts into the illegal black market wildlife trade. nightmare-zoo11

There was a major petition to close down the Surabaya Zoo with over 100,000 signatures. The petition is now closed and a representative  from the organization is now on his or her way to deliver this petition to the government to stop the zoo from treating animals like this.

Source: Reddit

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